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DevOps CI/CD tool pipeline course

You will learn to use the continuous integration/continuous delivery tools in DevOps – type environments where Jenkins and other tools can compile code and run test automation automatically with version control utilizing docker containers




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1990 €


For all those who are interested in automation of continuous integration / continuous delivery. The course is intended for DevOps automation developers, testers, software designers and developers.


Basic knowledge of software development and understanding the principles of programming are recommended as they make it easier to take in the contents of the course. This course is workshop-weighted and so the student’s must have their own laptops in use

Kurssin sisältö

Main topics:
• CI/CD and DevOps pipelines
• Linux terminal
• Git version control
• Jenkins automation server
• Using Docker containers on pipelines

Exercises and examples include:
• Using Ansible in pipelines
• Deploying to Kubernetes from a pipeline
• Connecting Jenkins to SonarQube
• Executing Robot Framework tests on a pipeline
• Examples of common tasks executed on CI/CD and DevOps pipelines