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Working with Asia

This training eases your daily work with your Asian business and cooperation partners. The training increases your understanding of an Asian way of doing and thinking about business.




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Benefits of Working with Asians training

  • you can communicate more accurately with Asians, both in getting across own message and in understanding the received message
  • you can avoid conflicts in advance by better understanding the Asian way of thinking and working
  • you get practical advices and suggestions to ease your daily work with Asians
  • you understand how your own actions look when viewed from Asia
  • you understand where an Asian partner's action springs from, and you know how to respond in the most effective manner
  • you gain yourself more certainty in handling Asian business matters

Course Content

Content of Working with Asians training

  • Asian attitude to time and its impact on daily work
  • Impact of the importance of maintaining harmony at work
  • Effect of religion to work behavior
  • Structure of business in Asia: understanding the meaning of company's organization and hierarchy
  • Effective communication: expectations of verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Personal relationships and networks - basis of working life in Asia?
  • Decision-making process: the influence of consensus building mechanism to reaching a decision
  • Virtual communication in collective cultures: presenting information remotely
  • Giving feedback in a relationship maintaining way
  • Meaning of harmony and respect in difficult negotiations
  • Asian problem solving style
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