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Agile Software & Hardware at Tesla and SpaceX

Are you ready to reshape your approach to product development? Come spend a day learning with Joe Justice about the business process and ways of working inside Tesla, and SpaceX. Joe is a pioneer in Agile and has led Agile practices at companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing, Tesla, Toyota, NEC, and KDDI. As a rare opportunity Joe is now training live in Helsinki! Learn more from Joe here

Agile product development is revolutionizing business growth, fuelling product innovation, and accelerating responsiveness to change. Rooted in modularity, test-driven development, and distributed, collaborative teams, agile practices are now being implemented in both software and hardware environments, allowing businesses to make changes very quickly. 

As an example, in contrast to traditional automotive timelines — where minor changes take 2.5 years and significant changes span 5 to 7 years — Agile automotive companies, inspired by Joe's approach, implement changes in just two days. As a result, these companies can seamlessly integrate updates such as headlights, taillights, and charging ports, occurring more than 20 times a week, all seamlessly installed in the vehicle.






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Target Group

This training is ideal for Leaders, Product and Program Managers, Engineers, Coaches, and Consultants in product development seeking to supercharge their skills.


  • You’ll understand how to accelerate the speed of product development
  • You’ll learn how to reshape your organization for maximum innovation
  • You’ll know how to introduce radical self-management 

"While many attribute the rapid pace of innovation to software, it's not the software itself but Agile methodologies that are truly reshaping the world.” - Joe Justice

Content of Agile Hardware & Software at Tesla and SpaceX training

The workshop is divided into 12 modules:

Module 1: Agile DNA

  • Onboarding people and teams into Agile DNA, giving them the simplest and shortest amount of information possible to contribute immediately and push back against arbitrary rules. What does this mean in practice?

Module 2: Tesla Speed

  • How does Tesla actually work? The purpose of the company culture is faster releases and more innovation each release.

Module 3: Justice Board

  • Every day employees walk into the Tesla and SpaceX facilities and choose their own project. Learn more about how to ensure each person can maximize their contribution to the project.

Module 4: No Budget

  • Agile is about fast releases, and there are multiple methods to achieve this. How the speed of budgeting dictate response speed?

Module 5: Agile Contract

  • Suppliers deliver many of the products Tesla uses every day. What is the agile contracting model at Tesla?

Module 6: Lean Coffee

  • Lean Coffe is a method to self-organize a meeting agenda and dynamically choose the length of time for each topic. How is this method applied at Tesla?

Module 7: mobAI

  • What is the composition of a fast team? How do they improve their skills? Let’s take a look.

Module 8: Digital Self Management

  • At Tesla, your manager is data. What is Digital Self Management and how it allows nearly 100% of staff to be an engineer, directly improving the products every day?

Module 9: Agile Hardware Development

  • There are many ways to split a product or service. Let’s learn more about modular architecture.

Module 10: xM

  • Extreme Manufacturing is the method of factory production to innovate quickly and produce new designs every day. Learn how xM solves the issues of long hardware cycles.

Module 11: OST

  • Open Space Technology introduces the Law of Mobility for the workplace. What does this mean in an organization of tens of thousands of people?

Module 12: World Class

  • Finally we summarize all we have learned so far into what is the New World Class.