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Build an Azure AI Vision solution with Azure AI services – Applied Skills Workshop




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Computer vision is an area of artificial intelligence that deals with visual perception. Azure AI Vision includes multiple services that support common computer vision scenarios.

Before starting this workshop, you should already have:

  • Familiarity with Azure and the Azure portal.
  • Experience programming with C# or Python. If you have no previous programming experience, we recommend you complete the Take your first steps with C# or Take your first steps with Python learning path before starting this one.

Module 1: Analyze images With the Azure AI Vision service, you can use pre-trained models to analyze images and extract insights and information from them.

  • Introduction
  • Provision an Azure AI Vision resource
  • Analyze an image
  • Generate a smart-cropped thumbnail
  • Exercise - Analyze images with Azure AI Vision
  • Knowledge check
  • Summary

Module 2: Classify images Image classification is used to determine the main subject of an image. You can use the Azure AI Custom Vision services to train a model that classifies images based on your own categorizations.

  • Introduction
  • Provision Azure resources for Azure AI Custom Vision
  • Understand image classification
  • Train an image classifier
  • Exercise - Classify images with Azure AI Custom Vision
  • Knowledge check
  • Summary

Module 3: Detect objects in images Object detection is used to locate and identify objects in images. You can use Azure AI Custom Vision to train a model to detect specific classes of object in images.

  • Introduction
  • Understand object detection
  • Train an object detector
  • Consider options for labeling images
  • Exercise - Detect objects in images with Azure AI Custom Vision
  • Knowledge check
  • Summary

Module 4: Detect, analyze, and recognize faces The ability for applications to detect human faces, analyze facial features and emotions, and identify individuals is a key artificial intelligence capability.

  • Introduction
  • Identify options for face detection analysis and identification
  • Understand considerations for face analysis
  • Detect faces with the Azure AI Vision service
  • Understand capabilities of the face service
  • Compare and match detected faces
  • Implement facial recognition
  • Exercise - Detect, analyze, and identify faces
  • Knowledge check
  • Summary

Module 5: Read Text in images and documents with the Azure AI Vision Service Azure's AI Vision service uses algorithms to process images and return information. This module teaches you how to use the Image Analysis API for optical character recognition (OCR).

  • Introduction
  • Explore Azure AI Vision options for reading text
  • Use the Read API
  • Exercise - Read text in images
  • Knowledge Check
  • Summary

Module 6: Analyze video Azure Video Indexer is a service to extract insights from video, including face identification, text recognition, object labels, scene segmentations, and more.

  • Introduction
  • Understand Azure Video Indexer capabilities
  • Extract custom insights
  • Use Video Analyzer widgets and APIs
  • Exercise - Analyze video
  • Knowledge check
  • Summary