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Build Modern Applications with AWS NoSQL Databases




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In this 1-day instructor-led course, learners will be introduced to intermediate to advanced level concepts on NoSQL AWS Database services for handling key-value, document and cache data. This course covers topics on Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon DocumentDB and Amazon ElastiCache (for Redis) and learners will have an opportunity to apply their skills to build solutions for hypothetical use cases.The typical persona taking this course will be a Database Architect working with modern IT solutions that require working with NoSQL data. This course covers intermediate to advanced level topics on designing with key-value databases. Learners will use well-architected concepts to choose the right NoSQL database based on a hypothetical use case. They will also be introduced to common ways to integrate the database with other AWS Services to build a solution. For example, they may use KMS, Lambda, CloudWatch etc., along with the database to complete the solution. Intermediate level with 3 labs