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Building and Automating an Azure infrastructure




4 päivää


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This four-day instructor led course will provide delegates with the knowledge and skills to migrate data to Azure and then use Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions to continue their journey into Azure. Delegates will learn how to assess their current IT infrastructure and then migrate data from on-premises into Azure. They will also learn how to use tools in Azure to facilitate everything they do, including the cloud shell, compute gallery and extensions. Delegates will learn how to build resources including virtual machines, storage accounts and apps, and then learn how to successfully monitor these resources, including setting up alerts and actions to be taken for problems within their resources. This course was designed for people who work in an Azure security administrator job role or a general purpose administrator role with a responsibility to ensure that after migrating to Azure, they know how to use the tools that are available. Instructors will demonstrate features throughout the event. Lab exercises will be given to students to complete using a time-limited subscription.

  • Build virtual networks and manage the security for them
  • Migrate vms from on premises
  • Set up hybrid connectivity from on-premises into Azure for both offices and homes
  • Deploy a bastion to allow secure connectivity to Azure without exposing unnecessary ports
  • Build virtual machines in the most efficient way
  • Use templates to redeploy resources and ensure consistency
  • Use the serial console to work with resources to connect to and troubleshoot virtual machines
  • Use the compute gallery to store applications and images for efficient deployment of vms
  • Manage storage in Azure and work with backups
  • Consider and choose the appropriate SQL database import options
  • Migrate a application from their on-premises environment
  • Work with App services
  • Use logic apps and automation accounts to enhance automation
  • Monitor resources built in Azure and have a way of visualising what is happening across their Azure environment

  • Attendance of the MAZ9000 course, or MAZ9000-TL or the same knowledge
  • An understanding of core technical concepts, including DNS, Networking, Identities, and software deployment methods
  • An understanding of virtualisation and building resources in Azure
  • Experience with Azure at a fundamental level

LP1 – Planning your move into Azure

  • Cloud Adoption Framework
  • Best practices
  • Importance of naming
  • Policies for enforcing consistency

LP2 - Overview of Networking in Azure

  • Introduction to Virtual networks
  • Azure DNS
  • Network security
  • Labs

LP3 – Azure Migrate

  • What is Azure Migrate
  • Azure migrate options
  • Discovery and assessment
  • Labs

LP4 - Connectivity

  • Overview of connectivity in Azure
  • Azure Bastion
  • VPN Gateway
  • Site to site connections
  • Point to site connections
  • Labs

LP5 – Virtual Machines

  • Planning Considerations
  • Managing virtual machines
  • Using the Compute gallery for Images
  • Using the Compute gallery for applications
  • Labs

LP6 – Cloud shell

  • Overview of Cloud shell
  • Tools and editors available
  • Uploading files
  • Predictive intellisense
  • Labs

LP7– Storage and Data

  • Overview of storage and data
  • Using storage accounts
  • Backup of data
  • Azure SQL
  • SQL databases
  • Labs

LP8 – Azure Apps

  • Overview of hosting options
  • App service
  • App service migration
  • Logic apps
  • Labs

LP9 – Dashboards and Metrics

  • Introduction to Azure Monitor metrics
  • Visualisation with Dashboards
  • Analyse with Metric explorer
  • Responding to metric alert rules
  • Labs