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IBM Rational Team Concert 6.0.6 Project Planning and Tracking

Focus on planning aspects and managing team and project work items. Learn to utilize IBM RTC to define manage work items and perform planning.




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Anyone creating, planning, or consuming work items such as..


• ;Software Engineers
• ;System Engineers
• ;Business Analysts
• ;Testers
• ;Developers


Those wanting to understand how work items affect planning, reports and dashboards such as..


• ;Project Managers
• ;Project Management Office
• ;Test Managers
• ;Development Managers
• ;Requirements Manager
• ;Scrum, Team Leaders

Those wanting to package work into releases such as


• ;Release Managers
• ;Configuration Manager

• ;Explain the key concepts and terminology
• ;Manage the organization of timelines and iterations
• ;Understand work items
• ;Organize work items with hierarchy and relationships
• ;View status and identify key risks
• ;Change resource allocations and adjust planning
• ;Baseline and compare planning
• ;Use work item templates
• ;Perform reporting with Report Builder
• ;Configure dashboards


• ;About this course
• ;Key concepts and terminology
• ;Product overview
• ;Timelines
• ;Work items
• ;RTC Plans
• ;Resource allocation
• ;Work item templates
• ;Report Builder
• ;Dashboards

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