EtusivuHae koulutuksiaImplementing Information Protection and Data loss Prevention by using Microsoft Purview – Applied Skills workshop

Implementing Information Protection and Data loss Prevention by using Microsoft Purview – Applied Skills workshop




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Gain the skills to use Microsoft Purview to improve your data security in Microsoft 365. In this training, you learn how to create sensitive information types, create sensitivity labels, and use auto-labeling policies based on these labels. You also learn how to set up DLP (Data Loss Prevention) policies to safeguard your organization's data.

  • Basic understanding of Microsoft 365 products and services
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Purview
  • An understanding of data security concepts

Module 1: Create and manage sensitive information types

Learn how to use sensitive information types to support your information protection strategy.

  • Introduction
  • Compare built-in versus custom sensitive information types
  • Create and manage custom sensitive information types
  • Describe custom sensitive information types with exact data match
  • Implement document fingerprinting
  • Describe named entities
  • Create keyword dictionary
  • Knowledge check
  • Summary and resources

Module 2: Protect information in Microsoft Purview

Learn how to detect sensitive content as it's used and shared throughout your organization, in the cloud and on devices, and help prevent accidental data loss.

  • Information protection overview
  • Configure sensitivity labels
  • Configure sensitivity label policies
  • Configure auto-labeling policies
  • Manage, monitor, and remediate information protection
  • Summary and knowledge check

Module 3: Prevent data loss in Microsoft Purview

Learn how to discover, classify, and protect sensitive and business-critical content throughout its lifecycle across your organization.

  • Introduction
  • Data loss prevention overview
  • Identify content to protect
  • Identify sensitive data with optical character recognition (preview)
  • Define policy settings for your DLP policy
  • Test and create your DLP policy
  • Prepare Endpoint DLP
  • Manage DLP alerts in the Microsoft Purview compliance portal
  • View data loss prevention reports
  • Implement the Microsoft Purview Extension
  • Knowledge check
  • Summary