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Project Online (also known as Project Web App) is a tool developed on Microsoft’s SharePoint Platform to provide a Project management tool to supplement, compliment and work alongside Microsoft Project Desktop software. Project Online provides an excellent web interface for creating, managing and updating full Project plans. It has incredible collaboration possibilities and importantly users can exercise control on who and what can be accessed and amended.

Target Audience

Aimed at anybody already using Microsoft’s various project related software solutions, those contemplating their use, those considering upgrading their project software or anybody with an interest in the use of Microsoft technology around managing projects, tasks, resources, and related areas.

Our Microsoft Project Online course is designed to help learn the skills to maximise Project Online (Plan 3 & 5) with modules to create, view, amend and importantly collaborate using the platform. In-depth coverage of creating plans, working with resources, updating plans, resource timesheets, reporting on progress as well as other Project detail. The course will be conducted from the viewpoint of full control of the Project Online environment but will also show the environment from the pervspective of Resources and other users. The course will focus on and therefore largely use the web platform but some relatively basic use of Microsoft Project Desktop software will be incorporated to demonstrate the collaboration between the Desktop and Web interfaces, this will however not constitute any comprehensive level of training in how to use the Desktop software product itself.

PLEASE NOTE – Separate courses for Microsoft Project ’Desktop’ software (QAPRINTC and QAPRADVC) are available as part of QA’s ongoing course syllabus. A separate course for ‘Project for the Web’ looking at the use of Microsoft’s newer browser-based offering in the Project workspace which is based on Microsoft’s ‘Power Platform.’ Is available.

Attendees ideally will have an understanding and awareness of the capabilities of Microsoft Project Desktop software.

  • An understanding of project management fundamentals can be beneficial
  • Attendees must be comfortable navigating the internet and managing multiple browser tabs


  • What is Project Online?
  • Licence overview
  • Features by product overview
  • Microsoft Project for The Web vs Project Online

Getting Started with Project Online

  • Accessing Project Online
  • Project Home
  • Get Started with Project Online
  • PWA Settings
  • Create a New Project

Add, Modify and Update Tasks

  • Create Tasks and Summary Tasks in Project Online
  • Add Progress to a Plan
  • Update a Task via Project Desktop
  • Update a Project

Work with Resources

  • Resource Groups
  • User Permissions
  • Add Resources
  • Work with Calendars in Project Online
  • Working as a Resource in Project Online
  • Assign Tasks to Resources

Work with Timesheets

  • Set up Timesheets
  • Access Timesheets
  • Submit Timesheets

Work with Roadmaps

  • Create a Roadmap
  • Connect to Projects
  • Update Roadmaps

Share and Collaborate on a Plan

  • Project Online & Microsoft Teams
  • Collaboration with Microsoft Project Desktop
  • Collaboration via SharePoint Sites

Reporting with Project Online

  • Built-In Reporting
  • Risks and Issues
  • PowerBI Reporting

QA reserves the right to improve the specification and format of its courses for the benefit of its customers without notice to the customer