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Microsoft Windows Client Configuring and Troubleshooting




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This course is designed for Windows client administrators and has a hands on element where rather than just carrying out configuration of the operating system, a number of problems are introduced which must be resolved.

Learners attending this course should have 12 months helpdesk experience.

Module 1 Introduction to troubleshooting.

This module introduces general features of the Windows client and the scenarios for troubleshooting. The course looks at some of the many tools found within the operating system and available for download from Microsoft that can be used to help find a solution.

  • Exercise – Understanding troubleshooting tools.

Module 2 Troubleshooting startup and operating system recovery.

In this module, you will discuss real world troubleshooting and understand how the windows client starts up. This is the basis for then being able to troubleshoot start up issues. You will then go on to consider and carry out general operating system recovery.

  • Exercise – Troubleshooting startup and operating system recovery.

Module 3 Troubleshooting hardware and device drivers.

This module discusses how hardware issues can be resolved and the tools that can be used to help with troubleshooting and focuses on device drivers which are often the cause of Windows failures.

  • Exercise – Troubleshooting device drivers.

Module 4 Troubleshooting Network Connectivity.

In this module, you will clarify your knowledge of IPv4 and roles such as DHCP and then move on to understand the steps in troubleshooting network connectivity. You will also understand IPv6 which has been native to Windows client for over a decade. As Windows clients predominantly use names to communicate with other devices on the network, name resolution troubleshooting is also addressed before both elements will be tested in the hands on exercise.

  • Exercise – Troubleshooting networking issues and name resolution.

Module 5 Troubleshooting device management with Group Policy and Intune.

This module describes how group policy works and how it is applied to Windows clients. With this understanding, troubleshooting the application of group policy is then addressed. You will also gain an overview of device management using Intune

  • Exercise – Troubleshoot device management.

Module 6 Troubleshooting sign in and resource access.

Sign in issues can be frustrating to users so this module covers most of the issues a user may come across at the point of sign in and provides the knowledge to resolve these. Additionally, you will confirm your understanding of file and folder permissions, share permissions and resolve permissions issues.

  • Exercise – Troubleshooting sign in and resource access.

Module 7 Troubleshooting apps in Windows client.

In this module, you will understand how to troubleshoot general application issues for both desktop and universal windows platform apps. You will understand how Windows client supports the Linux subsystem and Android apps, how to troubleshoot AppLocker and general issues with MS Edge.

  • Exercise – Troubleshooting and evaluating apps.

Module 8 Troubleshooting Security.

This module looks at how security can be increased in the Windows Client, as well as how to manage and troubleshoot Windows Updates. Additionally, you will understand how to troubleshoot issues relating to BitLocker drive encryption and look at how file recovery can be implemented.

  • Exercise – Troubleshoot security in Windows client.