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Office 365 – Microsoft Teams Beyond the Essentials




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This course is the second in a series concentrating on Microsoft Teams. You have started using Teams and conversations. In this course, collaborating with colleagues is explored. You will set advanced meeting options, share, co-edit and manage files in Teams.

The Team Owner role is important. You will undertake the role of the Team owner creating a team and channels, manage team membership and control settings and permissions within the team. You will use team and channel links, a team code and channel email addresses to enable collaboration with the team.

Teams is designed as a hub to bring together people and apps. We introduce two frequently used apps – Tasks by Planner and OneNote Online to illustrate how Teams can be at the centre of work-based activities.

  • Create and set meeting options
  • Work with Office documents in Teams
  • Collaborate on documents in Teams
  • Manage files within Teams
  • Create Teams and channels with appropriate settings
  • Manage Team membership
  • Use team and channel links and channel email addresses
  • Add apps to Teams

Attendance on QAMSTESS Microsoft Teams Essentials or equivalent experience.

Create and Edit a Team

  • Team structure
  • Descriptions and Team type settings

Manage a Team

  • Working with Team members and roles
  • Settings
  • Permissions
  • Setting Tags in Teams
  • Adding apps
  • Team Analytics

Channel Management

  • Channel creation and naming conventions
  • Channel visibility
  • Channel settings
  • Working with Private Channels
  • Delete and recover Channels

Team and Channel Links

  • Invitations by Team code
  • Use a link to a Team or channel
  • Get a channel email address and set options

Meeting Options

  • Meeting Settings
    • Lobby settings
    • Presenters
    • Notifications
  • Personal meeting options
    • Backgrounds
    • Live Captions
  • Work with Meeting Notes
  • Recording meetings
  • Chat window
  • Control and share content in a meeting

Collaborating on Content

  • Office documents in Teams
    • Adding existing documents
    • Creating from scratch
  • Editing files in Teams
  • Co-editing directly from a channel

File Management in Teams

  • Managing documents in a team
  • Opening the Teams SharePoint site
  • Document versions
  • Manage File Access
  • Set Document Alerts
  • Teams Recycle Bin

Channel Tabs

  • Create from a file
  • Create from an App

Tasks by Planner and To Do Introduced

  • App overview and integration with Teams

OneNote Online Introduced

  • What is OneNote Online?
  • Add OneNote as an App to a team or channel