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Salesforce – ADX211 Administer, Extend, and Automate Salesforce




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This class is ideal for current admins who hold the Salesforce Certified Administrator credential or have at least 6 months of experience administering Salesforce. This class is a great foundational course for individuals looking to earn their Salesforce Advanced Administrator credential or deepen their understanding and capabilities within Salesforce.

  • Troubleshoot and modify complex security models based on business requirements.
  • Identify the relationship types available in Salesforce and when each should be used.
  • Modify a Lightning app to meet business needs.
  • Increase data quality with advanced validation rules and formula functions.
  • Utilize Flow to solve business problems and increase productivity.
  • Troubleshoot flow errors stemming from the Order of Execution and invalid data inputs.
  • Plan and create an Approval Process.
  • Utilize the Order of Execution to explain why automations are running at specific times.
  • Determine when to configure, buy, or extend Salesforce.
  • Utilize advanced reporting techniques to analyze data.

Attendies should posses knowledge to the level of course ADX201 Administrative Essentials for New Admins in Lightning Experience

Securing Your Data

  • Accessing the Org
  • Object Permissions
  • Impact of Sharing
  • Delegated Administration

Objects, Fields, and Relationships

  • Create Custom Objects
  • Customize Fields
  • Master Detail and Lookup Relationships
  • Many to Many Relationships
  • Benefits of Relationship Fields
  • Additional Relationship Types

Increasing Efficiency with Lightning Apps

  • Building Lightning Applications
  • Selecting Tabs
  • Page Layout Editor
  • Applying Quick Actions
  • Record Type & Business Process

Improve Data Quality

  • Data Quality Lifecycle
  • Enforcing Data Quality
  • Validation Rules & Formula Functions
  • Eliminate Duplicates

Salesforce Flow

  • Identifying the Right Automation Tool
  • Flow Overview
  • Migrating to Flow
  • Flow and the Order of Execution

Flow: Building From Scratch

  • Building a Flow: The Basics
  • Building a Flow: Resources & Elements
  • Collection Management

Creating a Flow

  • Record-Triggered Flow
  • Schedule-Triggered Flow
  • Screen Flow
  • Autolaunched Flow

Flow: Considerations & Troubleshooting

  • Considerations
  • Limitations
  • Troubleshooting

The Approval Process

  • What Is an Approval Process
  • Create an Approval Process
  • Troubleshoot an Approval Process

Audit and Extend Automations

  • The Order of Execution
  • Auditing Tools
  • Extending Beyond Automations

Advanced Reporting

  • Creating Custom Report Types
  • Exception Reports with Cross Filters
  • Bucketing Data
  • Historical Reporting
  • Extending Summaries in Reports and Dashboards