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Leading Agile Hardware

The success of the Musk companies, Tesla and SpaceX, has made all industrial product development companies realise that Agile Hardware Development is not only possible, but it is vital to stay competitive in the future. While switching to a Tesla-type process model immediately is not possible, traditional manufacturing companies are looking for ways to start on this journey and learn how to apply agile methods not just to software but also to hardware development.

While we already have success stories of companies that have been using agile methods in hardware development for years, we are still learning that organisations implementing agile practices throughout their entire enterprise outpace their peers, delivering value faster and with higher quality.

This course is created for organisations developing complex systems and solutions. It covers the most critical functions of a holistic enterprise transformation, from portfolio management to teams. 

In this course, you will dive into practical examples, learning how to seamlessly apply agile methods within your unique environment. You will also gain valuable insights from real-world case studies from engineering companies that successfully transitioned to agile methodologies.




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Target Group

The course is beneficial for anyone who would like to understand how to apply agile methods in product development. These people might include leaders, architects, systems engineers, product and portfolio managers, middle management, and change agents.​


Throughout the course, participants will master essential skills, including:

  • Organising around value, minimising development bottlenecks through collaborative planning, with a focus on big room planning in a product development context.
  • Maintaining variability and options in product development, avoiding premature commitment to a single solution.
  • Building incrementally and integrating frequently, applying the philosophy of a minimum viable product to hardware development.
  • Designing hardware systems for change, adopting a modular development approach for flexible functionality.
  • Breaking down hardware development into small, manageable pieces, and conducting work in small batches for fast experimentation and user data collection.

Content of Leading Agile Hardware course

  • Transformation from Agile Pilot to Entire Enterprise
  • Understanding Agile and Agility
  • Agile Portfolio Management
  • Agile Product Development
  • Hands-on Big Room Planning Exercise
  • Scrum and Kanban Implementation in Hardware Teams
  • User Stories
  • Mastering Estimation Techniques
  • Prioritisation for Managing Expectations

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